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what would one find in a Brolic Toti? schwa sound, of course . . .

Here is a list of what one would fine in a brolic toti. please feel free to add to the list . . .
1- a 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Window Wiper
2- the red Bull mini fridge you see behind a bar
3- a mini diabetic finger pricking machine. used of course.
4- Bucky Deerling
5- a bag of Jew ash
6- an ipod cord
7- a bag of nickels
8- an old sock from a dying Puerto Rican
9- angel tears
10- Carol’s first tampon

keepin’ it real since 2011- Bucky Deerling 2012
Puto …… all day everyday . . .

Brolic toti list continued

11-A yeungling bottle cap opener

12-Tatoo from fantasy islands watch

13-A cigarette butt

14-an American passport last stamped in Thailand

15-A rotted cucumber

16-A dead baby

17-A Disney employee badge with 4 letters remaining…Pala

18-A wasted chap stick

Bucky Continued 3.0

12- A mini brolic toti- the travel size

13- An air duster

14- A Dunkin Donuts K-Cup

15- An original Mickey Mantle Trading Card

16- A paperclip necklace

17- a stop sign

18- the gun that Shot Biggie

19- The first season of Lost DVD

20- the rest of ray’s scalp

21- the fan that scalped Ray



The Brolic Toti (schwa sound on the o) by Bucky Deerling

The Brolic Toti     (schwa sound on the o)

This little piece was ironically inspired by a not so little piece.

The identity will be kept anonymous to protect The Buck from slander

Imagine if you will a vagina, take a second….. really.


The carrier at first matters not, a vagina is a beautiful thing.

Now imagine the contents of the world at hand.

Now accept that a few random penises get in there, fingers, a fist, tampons.

After a few yeast infections and continuous use this vagina begins to stretch

One would think it ends there, alas, this is not the case.

The carrier also has a mouth that much like her vagina has been corrupted over the years.

Food, objects, fingers, penis, tongues, vomit, alcohol, drugs, sperm and the like

You get the idea

Let’s face it, we all have nights we can’t remember

For most of us, it is something we can overcome

For once fragile vaginas that is sadly not the case

After down below penetrations and up above deep throats and swallows

An isolated phenomenon can sometime s occur

The vagina absorbs so many foreign objects that it eventually implodes.

There in is born ……A BROLIC TOTI

Stay tuned, this is the pilot to what will be a series of Brolic Toti Phenomenon Posts and Forums.

By Bucky Deerling

Another day, another joint . . . By Bucky Deerling

It has been quite some time since my last rant (he puffs a joint deep into his deer lungs), but i can do that because I’m Bucky Deerling…and i just don’t give a fuck (he exhales towards the camera. he slowly slips his glass of Hennessy). See, mu’fuckas think, and yes, I can say mu’fuckas cause I have black friends . . . mufuckas think that because I’m a deer, I aint bout it. I wish a squirrel would! See, I came up from the forest. I grew in the forest. I AM THE FOREST. Ever since I was a lil’ fawn, I’ve been runnin’ shit down at the pond. “Fuck you pay me!” I tell the other dEers. I snatch they bitch and make a puto straight blumpkin me (if you don’t know what a blumpkin is, google it). See this weed got me talkin’ crazy. I’m gonna wake up tomorrow next to a fine piece of veal, and I’m gonna wash my face with my hooves, look in the reflection of the water and say, “you a problem, Bucky. You a mu’fuckin’problem.”