The Brolic Toti (schwa sound on the o) by Bucky Deerling

The Brolic Toti     (schwa sound on the o)

This little piece was ironically inspired by a not so little piece.

The identity will be kept anonymous to protect The Buck from slander

Imagine if you will a vagina, take a second….. really.


The carrier at first matters not, a vagina is a beautiful thing.

Now imagine the contents of the world at hand.

Now accept that a few random penises get in there, fingers, a fist, tampons.

After a few yeast infections and continuous use this vagina begins to stretch

One would think it ends there, alas, this is not the case.

The carrier also has a mouth that much like her vagina has been corrupted over the years.

Food, objects, fingers, penis, tongues, vomit, alcohol, drugs, sperm and the like

You get the idea

Let’s face it, we all have nights we can’t remember

For most of us, it is something we can overcome

For once fragile vaginas that is sadly not the case

After down below penetrations and up above deep throats and swallows

An isolated phenomenon can sometime s occur

The vagina absorbs so many foreign objects that it eventually implodes.

There in is born ……A BROLIC TOTI

Stay tuned, this is the pilot to what will be a series of Brolic Toti Phenomenon Posts and Forums.

By Bucky Deerling

About buckydeerling

I came up from the forest. I grew in the forest. I AM THE FOREST. Ever since I was a lil' fawn, I’ve been runnin' shit down at the pond. View all posts by buckydeerling

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