what would one find in a Brolic Toti? schwa sound, of course . . .

Here is a list of what one would fine in a brolic toti. please feel free to add to the list . . .
1- a 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Window Wiper
2- the red Bull mini fridge you see behind a bar
3- a mini diabetic finger pricking machine. used of course.
4- Bucky Deerling
5- a bag of Jew ash
6- an ipod cord
7- a bag of nickels
8- an old sock from a dying Puerto Rican
9- angel tears
10- Carol’s first tampon

keepin’ it real since 2011- Bucky Deerling 2012
Puto …… all day everyday . . .

Brolic toti list continued

11-A yeungling bottle cap opener

12-Tatoo from fantasy islands watch

13-A cigarette butt

14-an American passport last stamped in Thailand

15-A rotted cucumber

16-A dead baby

17-A Disney employee badge with 4 letters remaining…Pala

18-A wasted chap stick

Bucky Continued 3.0

12- A mini brolic toti- the travel size

13- An air duster

14- A Dunkin Donuts K-Cup

15- An original Mickey Mantle Trading Card

16- A paperclip necklace

17- a stop sign

18- the gun that Shot Biggie

19- The first season of Lost DVD

20- the rest of ray’s scalp

21- the fan that scalped Ray



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I came up from the forest. I grew in the forest. I AM THE FOREST. Ever since I was a lil' fawn, I’ve been runnin' shit down at the pond. View all posts by buckydeerling

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