Bucks get Bucked …..Blam Blam in the Woods.

Yo what the fuck…it’s The Buck and I’m on some shit.

The woods right now are hot, it’s the season where too many clown ass fools

Come in here trying to catch me out there and get my trophy cap twisted back

Nah bra I keep switching from zone to zone because I can read bitches

Yet I’m stressed

I just called my dude to get some tree delivered so I can patroll

He is talking about how he has been busy for two days at Occupy Wall Street

WTF….The Buck can’t make this shit up that’s my word.

BuckyDeerling 2011-2012

Shout out to Roscoe and Putacios…Much respect, yah get me!

About buckydeerling

I came up from the forest. I grew in the forest. I AM THE FOREST. Ever since I was a lil' fawn, I’ve been runnin' shit down at the pond. View all posts by buckydeerling

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