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Hello world!

This Bucky Deerling blog is dedicated to the VVIP  (very very important people)  of camps around the world and the debauchery that ensues within them. It is as a result of individuals like these that make the best moments in some people’s lives run like a well oiled machine. It is because of places like these that Roscoe and Pirates in a box live on. It is a forum where Epic failure can be seen walking around with a Burger King cup and Disney workers seek opportunities of displaying bubble gum just because they can. The river, lake and forest is their stomping ground and this is their legacy.

My Brain Melt Thoughts Via Text Images Thursday, written June 14, 2007 9:53 PM

I find a distracting activity in the strangest places and
lately when I get bored I come up with little ways in which to kill time
Some of them I find really amusing although I realize that I may need help
Sometimes when I pee I play Forming a Republic and Preemptive Strikes
I direct my stream of urine in such a way that I create pee foam.
I then imagine the bowl of foam as a nation
As the pressure of my stream of urine decreases
I use my remnant piss to bomb my nation and create continents of foam
The interesting nights are when I’ve been drinking and can’t resist bombing when I come upon a toilet with another man’s all ready formed pee foam nation
If I lose and run out of bombs I nuke them by just flushing the toilet

On the really bad days I go to the store in 2-hour increments until
I get everything I need

Bucky Deerling