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My Brain Melt Thoughts Via Text Images Thursday, written June 14, 2007 9:53 PM

I find a distracting activity in the strangest places and
lately when I get bored I come up with little ways in which to kill time
Some of them I find really amusing although I realize that I may need help
Sometimes when I pee I play Forming a Republic and Preemptive Strikes
I direct my stream of urine in such a way that I create pee foam.
I then imagine the bowl of foam as a nation
As the pressure of my stream of urine decreases
I use my remnant piss to bomb my nation and create continents of foam
The interesting nights are when I’ve been drinking and can’t resist bombing when I come upon a toilet with another man’s all ready formed pee foam nation
If I lose and run out of bombs I nuke them by just flushing the toilet

On the really bad days I go to the store in 2-hour increments until
I get everything I need

Bucky Deerling